Securities Data - Pricing

A dedicated team of specialists at SNBL creates and maintains static and dynamic data of all securities held by investment vehicles under its administration, covering an important number of financial markets and a full range of financial instruments.

SNBL's database is regularly fed with prices obtained from several major pricing vendors, allowing automatic cross comparisons of the prices in order to apply the most appropriate quotation for each individual security.

In addition to end-of-day prices, SNBL offers the possibility to value the portfolio at a different valuation point where possible.

Specific checks are executed on over-the-counter (OTC) instruments and products not traded on regulated markets in order to ensure independent and fair value pricing.

Dividend and corporate action information on all securities in the database is automatically downloaded from information vendors, enabling timely follow-up of corporate actions and communication with the concerned investment managers.

Income payments are generated and processed automatically.

Securities holdings are subjected to regular and totally automated reconciliations between the sub-custodian's reports and SNBL's records.

Foreign taxation legislation is considered and closely monitored.