Fund Accounting

In an ever-changing and global financial environment, the structures of investment vehicles are in constant evolution and SNBL fund accounting team’s objectives are to adapt to the needs of the counterparties, and to internal and external requirements.

SNBL's technological infrastructure provides for the handling of a large panel of different investment vehicle structures. In case of complex structure, net asset values are calculated, and balance sheets and other documents produced, at various levels of the structure, according to regulatory requirements as well as to the needs of the investment managers for their monitoring purposes.

The types of structured services include:

   - Investment vehicles with classes of shares/units (currency linked, currency

     hedged, distributing)

   - Investment vehicles with multi-manager structure

   - Investment vehicles with multi-strategy structure

   - Various kinds of hedge funds.

   - Various kinds of funds of funds

   - Investment vehicles with retroactive net asset values, forward net asset

     values, net asset values with snapshot prices.

   - Money market funds with daily dividend payments.

SNBL's experienced team provides high level customized reports and statistics to service the specific needs of investment managers for a large variety of investment vehicle types and specificities:

   - Balance sheet and portfolios in electronic format

   - Intermediary net asset value calculations and reports

   - Customer adapted formats and sorting options.